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A Short Guide:  Soap Care Tips & FYI (in progress)

Tips & Tricks For A Longer Lasting Bar When In Use:

  • Avoid having your soaps sit in puddles of water, or be in constant contact with water unless you are using it.  This way the bar does not "melt" away quickly.
  • Allow your soap dry out between uses. i.e: Use a draining soap dish, remove the soap from the shower stall so it does not get wet
  • You can cut the soap and use a smaller piece at a time, while the rest of the bar is stays dry
  • Use a bath scrunchie or wash cloth. This will also produce a strong bubbly & stable lather. Bath scrunchies also help exfoliate the skin
  • Liquid Soaps (shower gels) to increase bubbles  & suds use a bath scrunchie, sponge, loofah or wash cloth
    **These are just some examples, you may come up with options better suited for you.


Proper Storage Tips:

  • Handmade soaps require lots of  A - I - R.  It is NOT advisable to store your soaps in any type of sealed plastic containers or wrapped in any plastic baggies whereby the soap can't breathe properly, as this will shorten the lifespan of your soap. 
  • Store your handmade soaps in a cool dry place.  i.e.: A closet, or in a dresser drawer is fine, on top of the dresser is also good, but be sure that you keep your soaps out of direct sunlight, and out of other areas where it will be affected by heat and humidity.Your bathroom will fluctuate with moisture and humidity with repeated use, under the bathroom sink may not be a good storage place for your handmade soaps.
    **These are just some examples, you may come up with options better suited for you.

For those who have purchased soap from me, you will notice if you look at the left and right sides of the soap bar, the packaging is open. The bars are not fully sealed, and therefore still allowed to breath.  You can leave the soaps in this packaging as it is appropriate, just remember to follow some of the other proper storage advice as listed above. I also like this type of packaging as it protects the soaps, while you can still be allowed to see the bars and smell their aroma.

 About Our Handmade Soaps. 

  • Our soaps do not contain: SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) or it's cousin, SLES (sodium laureth ether sulfate)
  • Our soaps are Paraben (preservative) free.
  • Our soaps do not contain Tallow.
  • Our soaps are True Soaps. They are made with Lye - Sodium Hydroxide for solid bars, and Potassium Hydroxide for liquid soaps
  • We use skin safe fragrances that are Phthalate-Free
  • Our soaps (embeds or details) are not made from Melt & Pour soap - M&P is a pre-made soap base that contains SLS or SLES)
  • Our soaps are not tested on animals
  • All soaps & shower gels, (salves, lip/body butters & lotions) are handcrafted, hand cut, packaged and labelled by hand in Brampton Ontario.

Ingredients:  So, what are some of the Ingredients that you will find in our soaps? 
  Our soaps are  formulated with plant based oils and butters, such as:  Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Rice bran Oil, and I use rich exotic butters such as Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter, to name just a few.. 

  • Aroy-D Coconut Milk is our #1 choice when making milk-based soaps with coconut milk, it has been found to be the most straight forward with its contents and not laced with preservatives or other mixtures.
  • Some soaps are made with Cow or Goat Milk.  These are noted in the descriptions in the online store.

Additives:  Enhancing the look and feel. 
Activated Charcoal, Sea Salt, Mineral Clays (Bentonite Clay, French Green Clay, Red or French Pink Clay,  Kaolin Clay), Essential Oils, Fragrance (Phthalate-Free), Natural colorants and government approved oxide colours

***As some soaps contain real plant extracts or their leaves,  should allergy or irritation occur, discontinue use***


F - Y - I
So now that we know that most toothpastes contain SLS here are two links for you to review:
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